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February Articles
Score a victory for the music industry. The RIAA succeeded in pulling down the majority of the ripping sites. No longer can bootleggers rip from You Tube, Vimeo, Sound Cloud and others. The sites that are still running can only rip talk. Will this have an effect on your bottom line?
In the last few years we’ve seen the music industry go from vinyl records, to cassette tapes, CS’s, down loads and now streaming services. New innovations will move forward into areas we can’t imagine now. In the arena of live performances the territory seems to swing back and forth.
During the course of looking for great musicians to join our magazine we come across outstanding artist. While the gallery listing presents a profile similar to a mini website we still like to hi light them in an article. Here are several musicians that you’ll agree deserve recognition.
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For years street musicians have been making a living playing in public places taking donations using a tip jar. To the delight of listeners they stop briefly, leave a tip, and move on.
For several years music teachers have increased the amount of students by offering lessons via Skype. Being one of the few teleconferencing plat forms it has two packages,
The Chauvet Obey 70 DMX lighting controller offers you the convenient portability of a compact controller with many of the advanced functions you'd only expect from a full-sized lighting board. It’s great for both Dj’s and live bands.
In elementary school most have a music program. The school makes an agreement with one of the local music stores and for a small fee students gets the chance to play and instrument.
Stage It, is a live video streaming service that has been around for several years. It works like this. A performer reserves a time slot around thirty minutes and performs live taking tips through the site.
Music videos recorded on location
This is contains clubs in the US that have live entertainment listed on IOTM. These are short cuts I linked to for your convenience. Once on the site you can look up in any state. In order to gain full access to their addresses you’ll need a paid subscription.
Taylor Swift is not only a terrific celebrity; her managers and she are savvy business people. Her latest song released in mid-November sold over 700,000 the first day and still making block buster sales. But in this case she did it a bit differently.
Blessed are the families that live in communities that support music programs. Kids that pick up an instrument are less likely to get into mischief. This is true for sports, art and theater. For now we’ll concentrate music.
Have you ever wondered how some bands have made the jump from making an average living to making celebrity pay? Typically new celebrity’s start around twenty thousand per concert. But some self-promoting artists are making that now.
Finding a web designer is easy. Hiring the right one is challenging. Where do you go to find one? A good way is visit sites that are like the one you want. On the bottom of the page often there is a link to the designer’s site.
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Many bands do not carry insurance, why? It’s an added cost, you think the chance of having your instrument stolen or vandalized is slim and the chance of being held liable is unlikely.
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As incredible as it seems here is a collection of out of the box ideas musicians have tried successfully to get over.
I’ve written many articles on the pros and cons of the streaming services. They’re good promotion; you’re sharing the sites with big name celebrities and it’s free. The cons are low royalties and your songs are free to listeners reducing sales of your CDs.
Roland's TR-08 reimagines the world's most famous drum machine as a Boutique Series module. Fire it up, and you'll experience the same sizzling hi-hats, snappy snare, clicky rimshot, and unmistakable cowbell as the original.
better if I had the best available engineers. The dashboard is easy to navigate with modest technical knowledge, far easier than a cell phone.