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Nothing makes a good impression like promo images shot by a professional photographer. While they can be a bit pricey it’s well worth the expense. Their experience is priceless. Most have graduated from a two and four year college and worked as an apprentice with a well-established studio. Secondly, they have a passion for the art, that’s why they go into it in the profession in first place.
Say you’re making $500 a night as a club act with a good following. There’s an untapped audience that will gladly hire you as an event and wedding band. As a club copy band you know the greater amount of songs to play at these gigs.
For many who have been at this for a while and tried every way to make a living CD sales are small unless you get promotion from a major media source like syndicated newspaper or television interviews. They don’t guarantee significant sales numbers. Some have carved out a good living by selling or licensing tracks for commercials.
Bands and single acts have made a fantastic living entertaining in hotels and on Luxury Liners. Without saying your act needs to be polished. Your repertoire should cover a variety of popular songs easily recognized from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s up to some of the latest hits. How does one gain entrance to these gigs go through a booking agent?
Many of you reading this have been selling your songs on CD and down loads. Basically you’ve used the shot gun approach putting them on all the popular sites like iTunes®, Amazon®, CDBaby® and set up stores on social sites like FaceBook® and ReverbNation®. Some have gone so far as to sell them on your website.