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First we’ll look at the history of the Mood Media® company. Mood Media® started as “Elevator Music” under the name of Muzak. From there it changed hands, met with industry conflict and emerge successfully as heard today in so many business establishments. With an easy to use dashboard clients can select the music from a variety of categories.
Anyone who sells CDs knows they are expensive to manufacture. A finished product with four color label, four color sleeves, plastic case, and shrink wrap can cost over $5 each. If you’re trying to sell them threw a major retail outlet you’ll need a bar code which is expensive and a required for meeting government regulations
For many who have invested in a home studio it can be costly. Five thousand dollars is not uncommon. Key board players can spend the most, so we ventured out to find a good cost addition that offers lots of flexibility.
Say you’re making $500 a night as a club act with a good following. There’s an untapped audience that will gladly hire you as an event and wedding band. As a club copy band you know the greater amount of songs to play at these gigs.
In any region there are one or two agencies that dominate the area. Most specialize in booking certain types of acts like country, rock and so on. The goal of these agencies is to gain exclusive booking rights there by controlling the room and making money for the acts. 
I just wanted to share this with you. A couple of issues back I did an article about an audio editing program Audacity. For thoughs who read it I gave it a good rating multitrack a bank of good effects and so on. Its stable and virus free when Norton analyzed, runs on PC or Mac