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As the mega stars move into their retirement years they’re doing less live concerts. Their loyal fans now the generation in their sixties and seventies are also reaching the point where many are unable to attained live events.
Get to know your equipment. How does it react in different conditions. Some cameras produce better in low lighting condition then others. Try taking shots indoors and out. Typically all cameras will product well in natural light. It’s hard to tell the difference between a hi-end consumer camera and a professional
Many bands put on a great performance musically but unfortunately fail to engage the audience with choreography, dramatic expressions and movement, in other words stage presence. This is something that can be learned with a few short tips.
The age of the custom of applauding is uncertain, but it is widespread among human cultures. The variety of its forms is limited only by the capacity for devising means of making a noise (e.g., stomping of feet or rapping of fists or hands on a table). Within each culture, however, it is usually subject to conventions.
You’ve worked hard to create great original songs. In an effort to promote them you’ve posted on the major social sites, purchased a website and built an email list from concerts. One of the major scores is having your songs on streaming services. Good exposure and gets your name up there with the major acts. Beware it’s a dual sided sward.
The Web Presenter, ATEM Television Studio HD and HyperDeck Studio Mini are three products in an all in one portable TV station. Record the signal onto SD cards in the HyperDeck Studio Mini, Then broadcast your program via the Web Presenter.
Writing a good biography about your self and band should be written effectively. Many fall short unfortunately, they aren’t long enough, or are too long, don’t really tell anything about the band, concentrate on one member or lack highlights of each member.
Have you ever arrived at a job to find it isn’t exactly as described? Back in the 70’s, I am dating myself, paying jobs were hard to find if you played original songs. Jazz players were a different story. Berkley created an audience for jazz and the clubs opened the door to the creative arts. Bands played for the door and free beer, for an aspiring artist wasn’t a bad deal
Taking good images sells the band, whether you do it yourself or pay a professional photographer. My first choice would be a professional. If you’re on a limit budget, do it your self or have an advanced hobbyist friend help you out. Either way here are some tips to make your picture come out great.
The major acts from the 70s and 80s and their fans are still going strong. With disposable funds and time on their hands rock fans have made a hobby of attending as many concert events as possible. Many of these are two and three days requiring stamina.
Gig Salad: a site I came across, specializes in entertain like live acts, DJs, photographers, videographers, dancers, clowns and much more. It’s like a do it yourself booking agency. What impressed me was the representation of live music. About, images, audio, video and links to social pages.
Hiring a web designer is easy. Hiring the right one is challenging. Where do you go to find one? A good way is visit sites that are like the one you want. On the bottom of the page often there is a link to the designer’s site.
Located in the center of town in West Haven Connecticut is a state of the art digital recording facility Horizon Studio owned by Vic Steffens a master audio engineer and producer.
Step One: There is no excuse to not have a budget for your music career. It is expensive to be an artist whatever you've got to do to build that budget at however much you put into it whether it's ten dollars a week twenty dollars a week fifty dollars a week a hundred dollars a week whatever you can afford you need to start building that budget.