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Biography: Moon Face
In a world of auto-tune, songs by committee and laptops on stage,  Brewster Moonface stands in stark contrast with its vocal driven blues  and minimalist nail driving rhythm section. There are no meat suits or  disco balls here, just plain honest roots, blues and soul from the center  of the world – New York City. If NYC is the city that never sleeps  then Brewster Moonface is the gritty diesel engine of music that keeps  it awake and dancing.  Brewster Moonface consists of Matt (Homeless) Gianino, the Detroit transplant drummer with a  passion for all things rhythmic. Anthony (PY) Cimino of the Lower Hudson Valley whose bass lines  make him the Bootsy Collins of the blues. (Crazy) Jim Polk who stumbled out of the Detroit rust belt  with a guitar and Stevie Ray Vaughn record. And Brooklyn New York’s own Julie (Nasty) Notwicz  whose vocals have been described as a combination of Janis Joplin and Big Mama Thorton.  Founded in New York City Brewster Moonface set out with the simple mission of bringing the blues  back to the mainstream and then to push it to the next step. After ending a run with their rock band,  Anthony and Julie resurrected Jim from his daily grind of drinking heavily and aging poorly, pulled  Matt out of his cardboard box and Brewster was born. Since forming they have been featured on City  World Radio, Dennis Has a Podcast and numerous other broadcasts and have played throughout the  East and South. In addition, Julie has been named a Singer Universe featured vocalist and a Women  of Substance Radio winner. But most importantly they have been featured in the dimly lit clubs,  alleyways and street-corners of world always on the mission of “Bringing Back the Blues!” 
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