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Biography: Michael Hornbuckle
Michael Hornbuckle has been bringing blues and rock music to people for 2  decades. Homegrown in the Mile High City, as was his father, legendary  bluesman Bobby Hornbuckle who had Michael backing him on drums at 13.  While Bobby's journey ended in 96', Michael took over the torch along with  brother Brian (bass).    Inheriting Bobby's old gibson 335, the brothers began working wherever,  whenever, and cutting their first recording. In 1998 "Pass The Torch" was  released. It's a raw, respected blues/rock album including; original cuts, covers  such as Creams' version of Outside Woman Blues, and a tip of the hat to the  man who passed on his love for blues, with a Bobby Hornbuckle original,  Down In The Valley.   Early 2000’s after a Red Rocks appearance warming up the Doobie Brothers, he spent time touring  the country with Texas blues monster Vince Converse, and releasing the acoustic blues album  Conbuckle Station "Here Come The Blues" on New Shoes Records.   "Lost & Found By Trial & Error" was released in 05'. It was an opportunity to evolve a  songwriting style, as well as a defining vocal and guitar sound   A happenstance meeting in Los Angeles in 2012 with world class Universal Picture music  producer, and former member of Mother's Finest, Alex 'Ace' Baker, produced the Album Virtue &  Vice...   "Michael’s voice is a soulful powerhouse that closely matched the pipes of Paul Rodgers (Bad  Company) as they soar over the blues the band hands out on Virtue and Vice, their most recent  release."  
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