Sweet Lou Music
With a Billboard #1 Traditional Jazz album to his credit and a mission to Rejuvenate the Souls of audience everywhere, Sweet Lu Olutosin continues to shine the light of his “Spirit Music” around the world! Whether it’s headlining at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C or, playing the Teatro Rendano in Consenza, Italy, or playing Jazz festivals in Atlanta, GA, Lu’s performances are life changing. Sweet Lu believes it is his duty, his mission to share his God given talent with the world; to use the idioms of jazz, blues, and gospel to share the spiritual healing and love this music, his music, imbues. He feels ‘mission accomplished’ after many of his shows when members of the audience come to him and say things like “...your music warmed my heart” or “I can feel the emotions in your voice” or, the big one, ...” your music made me cry”.